Positive Organizations
October 26

Build an Inspiring
Work Environment

Get the tools to increase commitment, wellbeing, productivity, and engagement of your team work.

Meaningful Life
October 29

Grow and Thrive in
the Face of Challenge

Get the tools to elevate your emotional wellbeing and not only survive but thrive in the new reality.

Wellbeing in Education
October 27 and 28

Empowering Students to become
Architects of their own Wellbeing

Create a positive educational environment for the academic setting, get the tools to enhance performance and coexistence within an educational context.

In collaboration with International Positive Education Network.

Positive Families
October 29

The Elements for a Positive
Family in any Environment

Get the tools that will help you generate a state of wellbeing in your family and allow you to build a full partner relationship, where both parties will support each other with their strengths.

Thriving Cities
October 30

Growing and Thriving Cities
in the Face of Challenge

Increase social welfare with public policies applied in various parts of the world.

In collaboration with Distrito Tec

Five event days where you can connect with different activities and increase your wellbeing. Discover everything we have for you:


Meet the world experts and their innovations and findings from the last two decades in the Wellbeing Sciences.


Sessions with several experts who, accompanied by a moderator, share their point of view and work related to wellbeing topics.


Brief conferences where the speaker develops a powerful idea within a timeframe.


Take a virtual tour of the sponsors’ stands and enjoy the Universidad Tecmilenio’s Live Ecosystem activities, and enhance your wellbeing in all aspects of your life.


Ninety minutes of a hands-on sessions with experts, where you will experience the complete design of an applicable idea. Workshops have a cost and a limited number of participants.


Develop key abilities that you can implement in your professional and personal life. Digital certification with a fee.

There will also be interviews, Q&A sessions, master classes and Mindfulness practices, among other activities.

Make the most of your experience at this event by adding to your entrance registration: